Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry

Perfect in sound and in Glorious in appearance, 700 kg Joseph of Nazareth Bell for St. Mary s Basilica in Krakow. year 2019.

Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry

The bell is an artistic handicraft whose artwork and craftmanship should be as important as sound..

Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry

Bells with comprehensive "turnkey" delivery to the recipient. See how much we can do remotely without travels and a local visions.

Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry

The world's largest swinging bell - 55 tons, 4.5 meters in diameter, 4 meters in height. It'll resonate at the Basilica of the Eternal Father in Trinidade, Brazil.

Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry

Over 200 years of experience, 8 generations, the highest quality, individual approach. The most important realizations of our foundry.

Jan Felczyński,
Bell Foundry

We believe that only a high quality bell with pure sound can last for ages. We also believe that combining a long-standing family tradition with modern solutions in designing bells mounting is able to fully satisfy our customers and help us to develop our foundry. The bells are often called the voice of God, and therefore the quality of their sound and their appearance must meet the highest standards. In the case of following quality standards there is no compromise.

Jan Felczyński
Our foundry was established in 1808



Main areas of activity


Comprehensive care for the bell at every stage. From analysis, through the process of creating moulds, images and inscriptions, using only the highest quality copper-tin alloy, to the cast and finishing.


Perfectly adapted construction solutions to the church tower and method of hanging bells, together with system eliminating the transmission of vibrations.


Without the use of a wheel and chain. Automation based only on linear motors using a magnetic field. The system is completely safe and resistant to weather conditions.


Professional CAD software complementary of bell foundry knowledge. We specialize in the preparation of graphic design visualization projects upon request. And all this remotely, without need to make a site visit, based on the sent concepts.

Vox Patris
The largest swinging bell in the world!

In Poland, the world’s largest swinging bell “Vox Patris” was cast for a special order of the Basilica of the Eternal Father in Trinidade, Brazil.



Our Philosophy

" We believe that only a high quality bell with pure sound can last for ages."

- Jan Felczyński

"Wierzymy, że tylko najwyższej jakości dzwon jest w stanie przetrwać wieki, rozbrzmiewając pięknym donośnym głosem."

- Jan Felczyński

"Połączenie długoletniej tradycji rodzinnej z nowoczesnymi rozwiązaniami w zakresie projektowania zawieszeń i obsługi dzwonów jest w stanie w pełni usatysfakcjonować naszych klientów, a tym samym przyczynić się do rozwoju naszej pracowni..."

- Jan Felczyński



March 28, 2021

Together with RDUCH BELLS & CLOCKS company, we carry out a technical inspection of the Cathedral in Cyprus. All this so that later all technical aspects are 100% discussed and the assembly goes smoothly.

March 1, 2021

At the end of February, the bell of our production was officially consecrated in the Folelii Parish in Corsica. We are happy that our bells ring in different parts of the world!

February 2, 2021

Another Bell of Hope is almost finished …. The bell will be consecrated at the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Cracow. After the great celebration, it will set off on a journey to the Tonga Islands.


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