Bells' clappers

Bells' clappers

In partnership with Company Rduch Bells & Clockswe manufacture our bells in forge using the traditional method from the softness class steel ST-3 with appropriate hardness degree. The steel is carefully selected so it can serve the bell for many years. Additionally after the clapper is manufactured it is the then annealed in the long-term process to ensure correct crystal-clear structure.

We offer:

  • 1. High-class clappers selected for particualar bell and type of yoke

  • 2. Expertises and opinios about existing clappers

  • 3. Annealing of existing clappers

We offer the highest quality hearts that not only affect the sound of the bell, but also ensure longevity of the bells. It should be remembered that the heart like other mechanical elements, it is subject to wear and should be periodically balanced, and replaced after years.

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