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Advanced CAD/CAM projects

In partnership with Company Rduch Bells & Clocks we offer yokes made of classic wood or moern steel components. By the use of advanced CAD/CAM software design solutions we are able to simulate to movement of the bell and calculate preciosly the angle of movement as well as the number of hits per minute.

We recommend wooden yokes made of oak which based on the flying clapper system (straight yokes where the center of mass is at the crown level). Straight yokes imply higher powers but generate better, more instensive sound.

Dynamic powers with the "straight" and "broken" yoke

The straight yoke has many positive implications together with better sound but it is important to understand that it generates much stroger dynamic powers. On average it can be stated that the use of "straight" yoke generates powers three times higher than then use of "broken" one - where the center of mass is moved towards bell's waist. That's why in many bell towers the use of "straight" yoke can be impossible or it can imply additional high costs (due to the need of construction re-calculations or the need to place totally new

Wooden "broken" yokes

We also offer the solution which lies in between. This pioneering solution was used the first time during the project for the Royal Cathedral in Wawel, Krakow. The straight wooden yoke was "broken" a bit which allowed minimasing the dynamic powers at the same time keeping the sound intensity high. This solution was tested on old wooden construction of Wawel Cathedral and now is used in a number of projects.

Choice of optimal yoke

The choice of optimal yoke depends on number of factors and this is not an easy analysis. Also many times these days when the modern churches are built steel constructions are better visually option than the wooden ones. The main points to consider when choosing the right yoke are:

- state of bell tower

- esthetic of the project

- bell's mounting type

- size of the bells

- type of automation

That's why we suggest to contact us and use our experience in order to determine the best solution for your bell tower.

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