Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bell is optimal for my parish?

This is not an easy question and valuable answer requires analysing many aspects. That's why we suggest to use our experience and consult us regarding the best option for particular case. The most important aspects to be considered before making the decision are: musical aspect (are there any existing bells on the parish now?); technical possibilities, the size and state of bell tower; the size of parish; social and environmental aspects & historical aspects.

Should I choose a single bell or rather a peal?

This would depend on the similar aspects as above but also on he subjective preferences of father and parishioners. When creating a peal is it important to consider that small bells have high frequiencies which can be unpleasant to human ears. The features of the place and environment provide best solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us and use our experience.

What's the average time of realization?

Approximately 3 months (12 weeks). Smaller bells cna be prepared in shorter time and bigger ones (more than 1 ton), peals (of 4 bells and more) may require longer time to prepare. When preparing the offer a time realization will be specified for particular enquiry.

What's the warranty?

The provide 25 years of warranty for bells and 5 years for mechanical elements such us yoke and clapper. The separate warranty policy applies (which can be downloaded below). The main restriction of warranty policy is the need to perform maintances service during the time of warranty.

How much is the bell?

The price of bell is set at the time of enquiry based on the current prices of tin and copper .We price every bell or peal individually based also on the size of the project and number of bells. Please contact us to receive an offer based on todays prices.

Do you provide also bell automation systems, constructions and mounting services?

Yes in partnership with company Rduch Bells & Clocks (www.rduch.pl) we provide all services for bells including automation systems, constructions and mounting services. All those services can be order directly from us.

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