Bells expertises

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Bells, their suspensions and hearts

Research on the acoustics of bells

We offer free of charge services in the field of:

- selecting appropriate bells for churches in construction as well as existing ones,

- selecting bells to the exisitng bells by analysing the sound spectrum of these existing bells,

- analysing the state of existing bells, their yokes, clappers and contructions

- analysing the state of exisitng automation solutions

- preparing the quotation for work required (casting new bells, changing yokes, clappers etc.)

- preparing the quotation for automation solutions

It is worth to use our knowledge and expierience during the designing phase of building new churches to avoid problems in the future. We offer our services in Poland and neighbourhood countries free of charge. The services are also available in the countries where we have our representative offices.


Bells' Regeneration

Restauration of bells

We offer our services regarding the renovation of existing bells which have been exposed due to weather condition, birds, or human interventions. Those services can be performed in our bell foundry or directly if this is possible in the parish premises. Additionally we provide tuning services for exisiting bells.

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