1808 - 1939

The beginnings in Kałusz

The origins of bell founding dates back to the ancient chapter of a mankind history. Nevertheless this is Christianity which/that has introduced a bell as a ritual object and thus speeded up the development of this particular craftsmanship. The whole world of the time started to build slender bell towers with the most intriguing instruments hidden inside them. Beautiful voices of bells have finally began to spread the glory of God.

2010 - till now

Jan Felczyński Bell Foundry – Piotr Olszewski

The foundry run by Piotr Olszewski, who masters the skills under the watchful eye of his father Waldemar, has taken the official name of “Pracownia Ludwisarska Jana Felczynskiego”. For the last few years our company managed to run some important and prestigious projects. We are focused on intensive research on quality of bell sound and therefore we are proud to have cast:

  • - Set of bells for the Sanctuary of St. Hyacinth in Kamień Śląski (2012)
  • - Set of bells for the Basilica of Blessed Virgin Mary in Piekary Śląskie (2013)
  • - Bell "St. John Paul II" for the Wawel Royal Cathedral in Cracow (2014)

Comprehensive analysis of the bell acoustic allowed us to develop a new profile which quality exceeds those used before by Felczyński family. Due to a fact that the most intensive works were carried on when the bell "St. John Paul II" was being prepared we decided to call the whole new series Royal Bells. Learn more about new bell profile.

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