Quality of Bells

Copper and tin

First-rate bronze guarantees the best quality

Our bells are cast with top quality alloy consisting of copper and tin in proportions of 78:22 with no addition of other materials. We make our bells by the lost-wax casting technique unchanged since 1808. There is no compromise! Right proportions, metals well mixed and proper temperature of casting material influence not only the sound of a bell, but are the key success factors for ideal sound and structure appearance.

As the only one in the region we use only high-quality metals with a purity of 99.9%

Why the casting material is so important?

Bronze vs other alloys

Below you can see how the casting material of poor quality can destroy the quality of the bell chime. There are two bells weighing about 150 kg each. One was cast by our Foundry using unadulterated alloy of copper and tin (78:22), and the second one was made with the alloy consisting also of lead, zinc and other additives. There is only 10% of unadulterated tin.

  • A bell weighing 150 kg
  • (bell foundry of Jan Felczyński)
  • sound e / 2, clear without vibration,
  • solid alloy without distortion,
  • alloy: 78% copper, 22% tin, no other additives

  • Bell weighting 150 kg
  • (another bell foundry)
  • immeasurable sound, numerous vibrations,
  • alloy without uniform structure, distorted,
  • alloy: 75% copper, 10% tin, 6% zinc, 4% lead, 5% others

  • Alloy structure:

  • Alloy structure:

For ages craftsmen have experimented to determine the best proportions of casting alloys used for bell making. They were trying to simplify casting process, obtain the highest possible precision in coping adornments and improve musical properties of a bell. Soon it occurred that different approach was needed because tin became a very expensive material. To solve economic problem and reduce costs zinc and lead were added to the alloy called brass. The quality of bronze started to get worse and caused problems with mechanical properties of bells, their surface did not cover with patina and their sound became distorted. After some time brass has been replaced with bronze of the best proportions known – 78% copper and 22% tin. This composition turn out to be perfect for maintaining proper aesthetics and top quality sound of a bell.

We qurantee only the pure high quality bronze! Our alloy is constantly reviewed and analyzed to ensure each casting will deliver bells with superior quality. The customer has the right to obtain the sample of the alloy from the casting for independent quality check.

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