Bell tower solution

Together with company Rduch Bells & Clocks we are able to offer comprehensive solutions for every bell tower. In our offer we have various yokes, clappers, constructions and bells’ assembling. Bells can be moved using the the modest automation system MT-3 which is proved by German certificate of quality and safety. We offer also beautiful clocks visually adapted to church needs and the advanced system of automated shutters.

Advanced bell automation system
by company RDUCH Czernica

  • 1. High-class linear motors certified in the German Institute of Straubing

  • 2. Contact-less and safe work of the system based on European norm DIN 4178.

  • 3. Remote controlling - distance even 800 meters.

  • 4. Programable work of bells in yearly, monthly, weekly programs. Customizable ad hoc programs and steering of other outputs (hammers, gongs, etc).

  • 5. Special programs - "soft start" and "silence ringing".

Rduch Bells & Clocks Automation System

MT-3 system is the most advance automation system based on contact-less work of linear motors, work sensors and newest solutions in programators. This system can be used to swing the bells weighting 20kg as well as very heavy bells (it is used to move the 10 tons bell casted in our foundry and located in Warsaw)..

Rduch Bells & Clocks system includes soft start and soft stop functions. During the bell's work the energy is reliefed in the portions that enable harmonized movement. The small microprocesor is the steering head of the system. Contact-less inductive sensor is responsible for keeping the movement parameters in order . The soft start system makes the bell to start smoothly without generating additional dynamic powers. This system is based on the European norm DIN 4178 which determines the angle and hits per minute based on the size of the bell.

Steering clock

We offer the most advance and user friendly device to control the work of the bells. This steering clock Unibell is able to store any programs. The work of bells can be programmed on yearly, monthly, weekly basis. The user can add also any additional ad hoc programs such us funeral programs or festival programs. This steering clock can operate other outputs than bells - such us hammers or gongs. The time is automatically synchronized using the DCF system.

This year the Unibell steering clocks are also available with touch screens!


We take care of all aspects

Automated Shutters

In partnership with Company Rduch Bells & Clocks we offer innovating solution for bell towers.

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