The Joseph of Nazareth

The Joseph of Nazareth

founded on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of St. Mary's Basilica, enlarged the Marian orchestra consisting of four medieval bells already ringing there.

700 kg Joseph of Nazareth Bell
for St. Mary s Basilica in Krakow

Bell was created in our foundry, intricate decorations are the work of the artist Ryszard Paprocki 3D, and all the work under the watchful eye of the main bell ringer of Krakow bells, Eng, Andrzej Bochniak.

Forge a clapper in the forge in Gogołowa

The two blacksmiths took over eight hours to give their final shape. - The bell's clapper must be suitably soft and plasticized. Therefore, they are made using the classical method. Such a clapper gives the bell a noble sound, which makes it unique.

- Grzegorz Klyszcz, owner of Rduch Bells & Clocks
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