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Our philosophy

We believe that only a high quality bell with pure sound can last for ages. We also believe that combining a long-standing family tradition with modern solutions in designing bells mounting is able to fully satisfy our customers and help us to develop our foundry.

The bells are often called the voice of God, and therefore the quality of their sound and their appearance must meet the highest standards. In the case of following quality standards there is no compromise.


Our values

Quality of sound

Bell is a musical instrument which is subjected to very strict sound standards. As an only foundry in Poland we get our bells examined and certified by an independent campanologist. We constantly improve the profiles of our bells. We have managed to create a bell profile which has improved the bells’ sound by correlating partial tones and decay.

Quality of material

Our bells are cast with top quality alloy consisting of copper and tin in proportions of 78:22 with no addition of other materials. We make our bells by the lost-wax casting technique unchanged since 1808. There is no compromise! Right proportions, metals well mixed and proper temperature of casting material influence not only the sound of a bell, but are the key success factors for ideal sound and structure appearance.

Quality of finishing

Bell is also a hand-make art craft which artwork should be as important as it's sound. Every bell is unique and passes the story of our times to future generations. That's why the appearance of our bells is extremely important for us. See how we can finish our bells using only natural bronze and the skills of our master engravers.

Quality confirmation

Every bell casted in our foundry gets a certificate confirming its acoustic parameters and technical data. There is also a 25-year warranty attached (valid while maintaining our warranty policy conditions). In addition, upon customer request, we can provide a sample of casting material. All these documents not only confirm the quality but can also be an interesting memento of the bell casting.




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