The largest swinging bell in the world was cast in Poland!

In Poland, the world’s largest swinging bell “Vox Patris” was cast for a special order of the Basilica of the Eternal Father in Trinidade, Brazil. Next year, it’s unique voice will welcome not only pilgrims from South America, but also from around the world.

“Vox Patris” was created by Jan Felczyński Church Bell Manufactory from Przemyśl, Rduch Bells & Clocks from Czernica and Metalodlew from Kracow. Over 100 people worked to make this incredible project come true. The journalists were the first to see the outcome in Krakow.

The bell made of bronze (78% copper and 22% tin) weighs 55 tones, is over 4 meters high and has a diameter of 4,5 meters.

To make it swing, four linear motors are needed, also the largest ones in the world made so far.

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